[GUIDE] How to play games Android on PC with Nox APP (Best choice)


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    [GUIDE] How to play games Android on PC with Nox APP (Best choice)

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    I. Download
    Go to this web:

    Based on Android 4.4.2 | X86/AMD Compatible

    II. Install

    Home Page

    Play Store

    E.g: Display a game

    Language setting (support for 14 languages) and advanced

    - Do not be afraid, if your computer configuration is not high and you can customize it based on your computer's performance
    - It will work better if you choose the appropriate mode for your computer
    *(Low - Middle - High)
    *( 1 GB ram - 2 GB ram - 4 GB ram?, etc)

    Relies on the performance of your computer.

    Other choices:

    - MicroEmulator: Click here

    - Kemulator: Click here

    - BlueStacks: Click here

    - Droid4x: Click here

    - Nox APP: Click here

    - Special Version 1.0.3 Click here

    -MicroEmulator and Kemulator for Java operating system on PC
    -BlueStacks, Droid4x and Nox APP for Android operating system on PC.
    -If i were u, i would select MicroEmulator, Droid4x and Nox APP.

    Nox APP can record video, screen cature, shake, simulate touch .... etc

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