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    Hướng dẫn HTTH

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    I. Types of stones to enhance.

    Diamond Level 1: Defense

    Topaz Level 1: Attack

    Ruby Level 1: Critical

    Emerald Level 1: Pierce

    Saphia Level 1: Physical Resist

    Amethyst Level 1: Reflection

    - Each type of stone has 6 lvls (from 1 to 6) , currently level 6 is the highest.

    - In order to have high level stones, it takes 3 stones of lower level. The success rate will decrease. Higher levels are more difficult.

    - If the upgrade fails, you will lose 2 stones.




    II. How to get mosaic stone.

    - Do it, do it again repeating quests.
    - Buy at NPC Jonhny (Stone Mosaic Shop)
    - Open the mysterious chest.

    III. Enhance equipments. (Jonhny -> Stone Mosaic -> Inlay item)

    - Free / Rate: 100%

    - In order to be able to enhance equipments, the equipment must have at least one hole.

    - Equipments will have up to 2 holes available when you get it from opening treasure chests or mysterious chests.

    - Note: Each equipment will have a maximum of 4 holes. You can drill items. (Jonhny -> Stone mosaic -> Drill item)

    IV. Split stone

    - Cost based on the level of the stone
    - Rate: 100%
    - Jonhny -> Stone mosaic -> Split stone -> Put item -> Separate stone

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